Why Brands Should Use Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups for Businesses 2020 – 6 Reasons Why Brands Should Use Facebook Groups

Before social networks bloomed, online communities and forums that allowed people to interact and collaborate from all around the world were having their moment. But now even though social media platforms are still widely used globally, online communities are gaining back their power as both customers and brands are looking for new ways to connect. In fact, Facebook has just published Facebook just published some data on how online communities have changed during the global pandemic of COVID-19 and how they are thriving in this new digital era. 

Organic reach has been getting more challenging for brands to achieve since social platforms have been changing their algorithms. Plus, platforms like Facebook has started to prioritize  “posts that spark conversations and meaningful interactions” on users’ newsfeed that would include posts from Facebook Groups. And according to Facebook, there are more than 100 million users on the platform  that are members of these “meaningful” groups.

Facebook Groups have become even more popular in recent years as people’s need to find a “sense of belonging” and a safe place to find and share information have started to increase. That is why Facebook leverages Groups as a platform to boost engagement and interaction that enables the network to become a more interactive platform for its users. This has created many opportunities to arise for brands to join in the conversation. There are ways for many brands to use it to increase their reach without looking spammy.

Getting started with Facebook Groups may seem like a burden for marketers but it can bring many benefits and value to their audiences. Here are the key benefits of using Facebook Groups for businesses:

1. Helps to beat the algorithm 

Facebook research shows that Groups are getting a lot more engagement than Pages. This is mainly because Groups allow a much more seamless interaction experience for its users than Facebook Pages does. So creating and cultivating a meaningful Facebook Group can be a great way to get your posts on your followers’ News Feed.

2. Allows brands to directly communicate with their customers

The people who will be in your Facebook Group are likely to be either your loyal customers or prospects. They are probably looking to learn more about your products or discuss their experiences. This creates a great opportunity for brands to tap into customer insights and valuable feedback.

3. Helps with product research and development

Brands can use groups to test new product ideas and organize polls to collect customer input. They can learn more about their pain points that will help to better develop their products. And in return, the customers who sees their input is being considered, will be more loyal to that brand.

4. Helps to increase loyalty and strengthens relationships

As stated previously, customers will become loyal to the brands that show they are being listened to and that their feedbacks are taken seriously. Engaging directly with customers and show them that they care about their opinions will help to build loyalty and trust for brand

5. Builds a sense of community

Facebook Groups are an ideal place to create a sense of community by allowing customers to interact with each other about a product and service they use. They can let other customers know how much a product helped them or share their reviews or experience about a service which could have an effect on other users’ purchasing decisions.

6. Creates a sense of privacy and exclusiveness

Facebook Groups creates a sense of a private community where customers can feel more safe sharing their thoughts and experiences in a more enclosed way. It also allows you to make your group either public or private and accept only the people you know they will be active and bring value to the conversation. 


So, if you want to take your customer loyalty and community management to the next level, creating a Facebook Group is one of the most effective tools to use. Additionally, if you think your reach is not at a level you’re happy with, the Facebook algorithm will favour your group posts and get your message on the feed of your ideal customers. The more you and your group are posting and interacting, the further your reach in the newsfeed will be.

If you’re not sure about how to start a Facebook Group or how to effectively benefit from having a group, contact us today for a free no-obligation chat to help you get started! 

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