why hire freelance social media manager

Living in a digital age, whether you’re a small business or not it’s crucial to have your online marketing activities covered on a long term basis. Although it might not be something you have considered before, but when you need to hire someone for your marketing there are many benefits of hiring a freelancer on a contract. Freelancers are usually self-employed people who offer services, most likely to several clients at a time.

1.More time to focus on your business

As a business owner you may not always have the time work on your marketing or promote your business online. You would be doing the job of two people if you’re running your business and managing your marketing activities and social media accounts yourself. That is why it would be best for you to work with an agency or hire a freelance professional.

This decision depends on what your business needs. For many businesses with smaller marketing budgets, working with a freelancer may be the best option. If you’re a small business owner or a sole trader you may find it struggling to manage your social media presence as you are often busy with making sales and managing other administrative part of your business. By hiring freelancers you would be able to create more time to focus on your business and high-level tasks that require your full attention as an entrepreneur.

2. Flexibility

Often times independent contractors would be available in short notice to meet your business needs and provide services on flexible schedules. Since freelancers mostly work remotely, they would be quick to adapt to your plan and routine. 

Compared to working with an agency, freelancers can make quick updates and edits your marketing campaign needs because there wouldn’t be any corporate processes to go through. You would be communicating with one person only who manages your online marketing activities that would be hold responsible for if any efforts fail.

Also many freelancers work irregular hours on projects to stay competitive. For example a freelancer would be able to stay up to late at night to monitor your social media channels and responding to comments if any urgency occurs.

3.Consistent and creative content

For many businesses it is very important to have a good, consistent, engaging content and be responsive to customer engagement on social media. Many businesses set up their social media accounts with an initial enthusiasm but then find it hard to keep up with being active and consistent. As a business owner, if you are not able to make social media a priority it will eventually get neglected when it has the potential to increase your reach to new customers and have a positive effect on your business.

Content creation is a big part of the work when it comes to digital marketing and a freelancer would help you brainstorm ideas for fresh and engaging content that will boost your brand and gain more following. If you find that your business needs a high level of creative content and you don’t have the time to work on it, outsourcing would help you.

Also high attention is often needed on these social media accounts to monitor customer mentions and questions. When a customer’s inquiry is left unanswered for more than 2 days your audience would get the message that social media is a low priority for you and this often leads to them thinking you don’t really care which always has a bad effect on your business.Since community management would be one of the main taks of your freelance marketer they would spend extra time on responding every comment which will increase your customer reputation.

4. Special Expertise

Freelance marketers often work on many different projects across different industries that would help them build a diverse background of skills which would enable them to analyze what type of impact and reaction the content would have since they would have experienced something similar on one of their previous projects.

Not always having the extra time to spend on your content might also cause you to experience some tricky issues with your content. If one of the posts you publish has a small spelling error or an issue with the graphics that would reflect very badly on your brand image. These type of issues can be easily handled when outsourcing since those skills are fundamental for anyone who specializes in social media management.

5. Low Cost

As you might imagine, hiring a freelancer would cost far less than hiring a full-time employee or agency. This especially applies to short term projects your business might need help with.

Also you would always have the option to work with a freelancer on project based where freelancer would complete the task and be paid and you could go back to working with them if you need their services again.

Another advantage of working with a freelancer is that you wouldn’t have to worry about additional costs that normally come with hiring full-time staff like payroll taxes, medical benefits, employer liability insurance, and other expenses.


If you don’t have a huge budget for your marketing, a freelancer is a great option. To decide who you should hire for your business you would need to think about your business’ goals and how much investment you are willing to make. Finding a freelancer that has experience on similar industry or business type also would be an important thing to look for when considering your options.

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